May 9 2013

Street Feedings: Thoughts on Volunteerism and Partnership

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By: Jason About a decade ago I was reading a book that changed my life.  It was a young man’s reflections on his past and how he came to understand people, his family, his faith, and the entire world around him.  It was my kind of book, perfect for the young college mind that is [...]

Mar 21 2013

3 Great Ways to Engage the Poor in Your Community

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By: Jason On Wednesday several of our staff had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Georgia Drug Policy and Alcohol Forum sponsored by Central Outreach and Advocacy Center and Troutman Sanders.  It was one of the most informative lunches I've had the chance to experience in my time thus far working with the homeless and community in [...]

Mar 20 2013

Do Video Games on Homelessness Help?

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By: Jason Today I was searching out the interwebs for information on what the world was doing about solving and ending homelessness, and I came across this idea for a new mobile game, something you would play on your iPhone or Android device. The name, originally, was iBeg, but after receiving some fairly heavy push [...]