Jan 2 2013

Meet Chris

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Today we are sharing a success story through the Regional Commission on Homelessness.  Thanks to the wonderful collaborative continuum of care, we are able to work with other service agencies to help end homelessness for families and individuals.  Read about Chris' story: Chris Spann was born in Marietta, GA in 1974. He and his two [...]

Nov 1 2012

Ernesto: Homeward Bound

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Today's post is from our Volunteer Coordinator, Bec Cranford.  She recalls one fo the first clients she heped translate for at the Gateway Center: With a trash bag of belongings in one hand, and his cane holding his balance in the other Ernesto inched through the doors of the Gateway. The elderly man spoke little [...]

Sep 19 2012

Russell’s Story

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As featured in our August newsletter; here is Russell's story of success! Russell spent most of his adult life as a successful working man with a beautiful family. One day, however, he was introduced to cocaine. At first, he thought he could stop at any time. Then suddenly, his paycheck would go directly to support [...]

Aug 19 2012

Reggie’s Story

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Reggie Miller's two teen boys and his 3-year-old daughter have kept him going over the past few months, which have been among the toughest in his entire life. Reggie, 47, worked and lived on-site as the maintenance man at an apartment complex near downtown Atlanta. He was proud of his work ethic, and says he [...]