Mar 3 2014

Antyon’s Story

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(Pictured above: Antyon's townhouse. He now has a place that he can call home.) By Jason Tatum I had a great conversation with a former resident of the Gateway Center earlier today.  I asked him about his life, his experiences, and where he’s been, but I did not find him eager to dwell on the [...]

Feb 27 2014

March Volunteer Spotlight: Pastor Hamm

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By Bec Cranford-Smith Our Volunteer Spotlight for the month of March centers on Heartfelt Outreach Ministries from The Last Days Church of God.  Pastor Hamm, Lady Hamm, and his amazing team have worked diligently with Gateway since 2009 through many changes. I took time to sit down with Pastor Hamm to find out why he [...]

Jan 31 2014

Jerome’s Story

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By Emily Emshoff We are happy to be sharing the success story of Jerome Lucas, a previous client at Gateway Center who was a part of the Life Changers Program and is now stably housed and self-sufficient. In 2012 Jerome had a job working at a restaurant, and things were going well.  When he unexpectedly [...]

Jan 23 2014

Simple Truths: Part 2

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By Staci Wright  This is the second installment of the blog series “Simple Truths: debunking common stereotypes surrounding those experiencing homelessness.” You can find the introduction to this series here.  The first stereotype I would like to discuss is the idea that “all homeless people are dirty, smelly and mentally ill.” Not everyone experiencing homelessness [...]

Jan 16 2014

Simple Truths: debunking common stereotypes surrounding those experiencing homelessness

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By: Staci Wright  The definition of the word “stereotype," according to, is:  “a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly.” There are stereotypes for groups of races, cultures, religions, genders, sexuality and other groups of individuals. Through a simple web-search I was able to [...]

Jan 15 2014

December Employee of the Month: Christie Peters

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By: Emily Emshoff Today’s post comes to you as an interview from Christie Peters, one of our amazing case managers.  Christie goes above and beyond for her clients, and was recognized for this by her peers last month when they voted her as the Employee of the Month.  We’re very proud of Christie and the [...]

Jan 7 2014

Profiles in Change: Meet Emmanuel

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Emmanuel came to the Gateway Center when he needed help. Now, he is giving back to the place who gave so much to him. Emmanuel is a part of our Residential Assistant program. RA's are similar to leaders in a college dormitory, but are also picking up training and skills that they'll be able to [...]

Jan 6 2014

January Volunteer Spotlight: Blessed Angels, Inc.

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By Bec Cranford Our spot light on volunteers in the month of January centers around Christine Washington and her ministry Blessed Angels, Inc. Blessed Angels serves Gateway faithfully every month. Since 2007, these TESTREPLACE souls minister all over Atlanta to those in need. Christine cares deeply for our clients at GWC. I wanted to find [...]

Dec 4 2013

Art Therapy connects clients to creativity

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By Sarah White Gateway hosts art therapy each week for clients to come and participate in the arts, relax, and enjoy good company.   When asked what he enjoys about art therapy, John said, "It's relaxing, and the projects often help you learn more about yourself. It also brings out the creativity you might not have known you [...]

Nov 25 2013

Give a GIFT to the Gateway Center

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It would cost $20 billion over a period of five years to end homelessness in the United States. In that same time period, Americans spend $25 billion on Christmas decorations and flowers. With all of the hustle and bustle brought on by the holidays, it is hard to remember the needs of others and reflect [...]