The Gateway Center is proud to partner with Give Your Sole for this Sunday’s Allstate 13.1 marathon!  Our Back on My Feet team will be running parts of the marathon and we have been lucky to be connected to the national charity Give Your Sole.  They will be collecting shoes (some folks will be giving the shoes off their feet!) at the race and we will load up those beautiful used shoes and take them to our clothing closet!

Here is an excerpt from a recent article about the event:

“We’ve all heard of the old saying “walk in someone else’s shoes” and now some who would be considered less fortunate will have a chance to walk and run in your old running shoes. “Give Your Sole believes in striving to give back to help those in need within your own community, for walking a mile in someone else’s shoes takes on new meaning when you haven’t a pair to call your own,” states Tom Wicus, East Coast Director of Operations for Give Your Sole.

After a runner has trained in their shoes for 300 to 400 miles, the shoes may no longer be suitable for running but can still provide months or years of wear. That’s why Give Your Sole, a national non-profit organization, will be collecting shoes from runners – often right off of their feet – to benefit Atlanta’s Gateway Center around the Allstate Life Insurance Atlanta 13.1 Marathon.

Race series sponsor Allstate has partnered with Give Your Sole to bring the shoe donation program to 13.1 Marathon series races, collecting shoes that will be donated to organizations serving the local homeless community in each market. In Atlanta, all shoes collected will be donated to the Gateway Center, which provides homeless services to the metro Atlanta area and is one of the largest providers of homeless services in the Southeast.”

To read the whole article, go here!