So what’s all this hullabaloo about the GIFT Campaign?  If you follow us on social media, you have surely been inundated with photos and stories and thank you’s all related to GIFT.  Well, we want to take this long form opportunity to tell you what GIFT is all about.

We run a 24/7 operation down here at the Gateway Center, and we are the first ones to say that we can’t do it alone.  And, thanks to our tremendous and loving community, we have never had to do it alone.  Part of our mission statement is to provide the support and framework that people need to achieve self-sufficiency.  The GIFT Campaign is a chance for the community to get involved in that in a very visible and tangible way.  One of our co-workers likened the campaign to an old fashioned barn raising- which is such a perfect mental image of a community coming together and creating something wonderful.

As businesses, churches, families and groups of friends come together to collect donations and supply the Gateway Center with hygiene supplies and other material donations, they are helping raise the barn, so to speak.  The handprints of the community are all over that framework we talk about in our mission statement.  And that means that the framework is strong, and that homeless men, women and children are able to find rest, encouragement, and a future at the Gateway Center.

So that is what GIFT means.  In a literal way, GIFT stands for Getting Involved. Funding Tomorrow.  It also means that you, as the community of Atlanta, are giving hundreds of people the opportunity to improve their lives.

So as you participate in the GIFT Campaign by giving financially or giving a material donation, know that you are joining a thriving community of neighbors who are truly making an impact in Atlanta and beyond.