By: Jason Tatum

At the Gateway Center we are constantly asked by concerned and caring individuals, “What do you need?”  These people want to give back, and they want to help in meaningful, tangible ways.  For myself, I know there is something special about giving a specific item to someone in need- something that can be used right away.  The in-kind donation is really one of the most fun aspects of working at Gateway.  We get to see the creativity and passion put to a purpose of those who care deeply about making a difference for our homeless men and women in our city.

If you work for a government or banking institution, then chances are you had President’s Day off last week.  If you happen to be one of Georgia United Credit Union‘s 220 employees, then you probably were not at home lounging in February’s flannel pajamas.  Instead, their employees dedicated holiday to assembling over 4,000 personal hygiene kits and 4,000 meal kits.  If this seems like  a difficult number to get your head around, then it should be. That many kits fills up an entire large-sized moving truck, top to bottom.

Some of the team relaxing on the loading dock just as the job was finished.


CEO Doug Foote says, “We are a service organization and our employees always enjoy giving back to our community so I knew we could meet this challenge…We just needed a bigger truck!” Mr. Foote is right, this must have been a challenge given that the credit union doubled their donation from the year before.  To say that these donations are helpful to our clients at Gateway is a severe understatement.  Given that we see thousands come to our agency on a weekly basis seeking food and a hot shower (along with much more), meal kits and and personal hygiene kits are always something we need.

We are thankful for these employees taking their time on a President’s Day to help.  As they were assembling each kit I hope they were able to get a sense of the very real and tangible way these donations were going to affect the lives of their neighbors experiencing homelessness in the city of Atlanta.

So again we say, “Thank you Georgia United Credit Union!”


Our chef Q is incredibly excited standing in front of the 4,000 meal kits ready to use!


One of our newest case managers, Amanda, holding one of the amazing personal hygiene kits that will soon be given to one of our guys!