… or  at least that’s what everyone kept telling Anne Mahlum, founder of Back on My Feet, a non-profit that uses local running clubs to create self-sufficiency in the lives of men and women experiencing homelessness.  Specific to us at Gateway Center, we work closely as a partner to the Atlanta chapter of Back on My Feet, where groups of runners congregate 3 times a week in the early morning hours outside of our building to take those steps that somehow, wonderfully, translate into hope, confidence, and a belief that yes, we are capable of doing much. Indeed yes, we are capable of achieving great things for ourselves, together.  The beauty of these early runs is the enthusiasm and support shared between men and women, some who are currently experiencing homelessness, and some who are not.  Everyone is in it together. Everyone is the same out there on those cold streets at 6AM, fighting hard for that next step, that  last mile, and everyone gets a little bit closer to where they want to be.

Watch the TED talk.  (This is worth your time)

Everyone kept telling Anne that homeless people don’t run.  Thankfully, everyone was wrong.  Thankfully, Anne saw her dream through to now reach thousands of people every year.  Gateway Center is proud to be a part of this movement.

For information on joining a running club in Atlanta, check out the local chapter.