By: Jason

How can we leverage great data to benefit our community and help end homelessness?  Community Technology Alliance, in partnership with DataCenter and Downtown Streets Team, are working to develop a mobile app that will harness the power of data between agencies, governmental resources, and the clients who are in need of great services.

Gateway Center has been going through a quiet data revolution in the past several months.  When Lila Bradley became our grants manager back in October, she slowly began the process of heightening Gateway’s services with data.  Now she is the Compliance Director, and working with a great team of our staff and partners to generate the quality data that guides better results for the men and women seeking to end their homelessness at Gateway.

As I read this  article, I dream of ways that we might be able to emulate this model and see it impact many lives in Atlanta.

In the future, expect more posts concerning our quest for great data and how it affects every aspect of life at Gateway, ultimately translating into changed lives.

Here are a few highlights:

“The Big Data tool implemented through this partnership will accomplish these objectives by:

· Providing a holistic picture of the real-life experiences and root causes of homelessness that inspire productive and relevant conversation among stakeholders regarding strategic deployment of scarce resources;

· Empowering homeless individuals to both contribute source information to the system through their authentic stories, and validate the reports produced by the system as real-life experts;”