The below video comes from this fantastic blog and website called Plywood People.  They are an Atlanta based group who are working with organizations to create meaningful social change.  Their blog is a constant source of encouragement and energy for many like yourselves who are committed to doing amazing things in your city. The founder of their blog, Jeff, just released a book called “More or Less“.  The video below highlights something he learned when he moved to a new house in East Atlanta Village.  The short narrative below chronicles his interactions with a man named Clarence who would become his friend. As it turned out, Clarence also happens to be without a proper home.

I know that I am encouraged and challenged by this video, keeping in my mind that every single person we meet is a person with a story, a person with a great reserve of gifts, and a person with immense and incalculable worth.

Thanks, Jeff.

What other experiences have you had that remind of you of Clarence’s story? Share them in the comments section below.

By: Jason

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