I love giving tours to people in our city who are interested in what Gateway Center is.  If you ever want to experience this amazing building and all that goes on here, just get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to arrange a time to give a tour.

Recently some of our staff were honored to be able to show some folks around from Gainesville, Florida who are interested in opening a homeless services center similar to what we have at Gateway.  As it turns out, they want to turn a former correctional facility into such a place like this.  What we have in common is that the building Gateway is now was also once a city jail.  Before we opened, however, the facility went through a massive renovation to meet the needs of those dealing with homelessness.  The officials from Florida came to Gateway to learn and see what potential their building could have for their citizens who will soon be transitioning out of homelessness.

I was in a meeting recently with our Executive Director, Dr. Vince Smith, and he said these words that I found to be quite powerful: “This used to be a place where people were kept prisoner.  Now it is a place where men and women are set free from homelessness.” Those bars you see at the top aren’t to keep people in, but to symbolize the gateway this building has become to a life of self-sufficiency and strength for so many.

That’s perfectly what this place is about, and we hope the folks down in Gainesville are able to achieve all they wish to do.

One of two plaques that commemoration the building’s former use.


The plaque just inside the door that charters our building’s new era.


By: Jason


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