By: Jason

After watching this video it could be easy to have any number of emotions.  We at Gateway Center understand that messages like these can conjure a range of thoughts and feelings including sadness, disbelief, anger, and self-righteousness.  We post this not with the desire to rally politic sentiments or statements or to demonize any one segment of our national population.  Rather, we share this information because the reality of the economic situation facing the poorest of the poor in our country is factually much worse than what most of us believe it is.

Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of the chart in this video, we must become better educated and involved in understanding what it means to be in poverty.  We need to know what it costs a working individual to thrive in self-sufficiency.  This work requires  information such as this to illustrate the difficult and committed climb it takes for any man or woman to reach their goals of healthy, meaningful lives and to provide a stable and safe environment for their children.  We work together to achieve these goals because we hope that the children of our city can collectively achieve far more than we were able to do in our lifetimes.  This, in the end, is our greatest legacy.

Everyday we see children attached to the arms of their parents who are seeking to end their homelessness.  The facts presented in this video are lived out on the faces of  each one of these. The beauty is there is more than hope for these kids to one day achieve great things; each child has the incredible potential to live well.  What else is remarkable is the great number of college-educated men and women who are signing up to be case managers and who are going to graduate programs for social work.  Hundreds of committed partners in the city of Atlanta make in-kind donations every year of towels, food, socks, and toiletries.  Groups from all walks of life enter our halls every week to volunteer their time to tutor, perform free medical testing, and provide therapy.  This what is happening down on the lowest end of that chart from the video you just watched.  While it’s tough, it’s also hopeful, thanks to so many amazing people.


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