Today’s post is by Tiffany Brennaman, who works with one of our core partners, Back on My Feet.  If you hangout around our blog/Facebook long enough then you will no doubt see how much we love working with BoMF.  Find related posts here and here, among many other references and mentions on our social media channels.  We are very grateful to work with these folks.

“I always want to be a part of Back on My Feet. Part of my problem was self-medication and the running helped replace that. I love Back on My Feet!” –BoMF Alumni Member, Team Gateway

 This past Saturday, we hosted our very first Alumni Run. This was a tremendous opportunity for Alumni Members to come out and run with our Non-Res and some of our current Res Members. We were fortunate to see several faces we hadn’t seen in a while. I know some of you know Al, an Alumni Member from Team Gateway. Al is an incredibly talented artist who is studying graphic design at the Art Institute. While it’s been a struggle to adapt to new technology, Al has continued to persevere in school and has maintained contact with us after leaving the Gateway Center. We were thrilled to have him join us at the Alumni Run on Saturday morning, and at the run he talked about the healthy habits he has formed.  Al is now a member of a gym and works out several times a week. He has worked tirelessly at becoming more adept in his studies and showed me his grades from this past semester (all A’s!). He is practicing healthy eating habits and eats primarily fruits and vegetables. And he talked at length about the impact Back on My Feet has had on his life and the way he sees himself. The relationships with the Non-Res Members and the positive energy from the morning runs is simply infectious, and can carry on with our Members months after they leave the facilities.

With that, I’d like to invite you to join in our Alumni outreach efforts. Join our Alumni Committee. Come out to Alumni runs (the first Saturday of every month, 8AM at the Edgewood-Candler MARTA station). Join us for Alumni breakfasts following the runs. A huge part of what makes BoMF so incredible is the amazing relationships that are formed – relationships that cross socioeconomic boundaries and play such a huge role in helping Members maintain self-sufficient lives after leaving BoMF.

Support Al and other Alumni of Back on My Feet at their first annual Bash to celebrate their Member’s success on June 13th. For more details, visit