By: Jason

If you read our blog often then you are probably more than a little familiar with the phrase “community collaboration”.  This is so much more than hollow lip-service  to our neighbors.  We believe that building and sustaining strong partnerships with other agencies, communities, faith-based groups, businesses, academic institutions, and everything else you can think of is the linchpin in providing strong support to those transitioning out of a state of homelessness.

This is why we are so excited about Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta.  Our long and fruitful commitment in working together through their Mercy Care Services has just gotten even better.  For what’s happening, let’s hear it from their own words:

On April 1st, Saint Joseph’s Hospital announced a community partnership with The Gateway Center, a non-profit organization started in 2005 to provide a supportive and TESTREPLACE setting where individuals can receive the tools, programs, and services they need to help end their homelessness. Saint Joseph’s staff will be raising money and volunteering their time in an effort to help this cause.

 Between April 1st and August 31st, Saint Josephs will host various fundraisers of which include; bake sales, hula hoop contests, jean day, plant sales, and much more.  Additionally, during this time, groups of staff along with their friends and families will have the opportunity to volunteer at The Gateway Center in needed programs such as interview/ resume training, basic health assessments, and hosting children’s activities at the center.

 With these efforts, Saint Joseph’s Hospital’s goal is to partner with The Gateway Center in hopes of changing lives and ending homelessness for the Metro Atlanta area.

So it is with great appreciation and excitement that we launch into these next several months with Saint Joseph’s! Stay tuned.