By: Jason

In the time that I’ve worked at Gateway I have happily tried to explain what our organization is to an endless stream of curious family and friends.  This works for me because I love to talk as authoritatively as I can on any subject that I’m allowed. One of the many things that I love about our agency is that it is complex and simple at the same time.  If you want to take me to coffee and have me explain this beautiful place to you, then I can, but I’m only going to be able to do so much.  Or, you could (and I dare suggest that you should) follow this blog and our various social media channels, conveniently linked for your ease and enjoyment here and here.  These resources will connect you more deeply with Gateway, but will also link you to the heart of our city and the people in it; not only the poor, but the countless volunteers and leaders who come through every day, seeking to make positive change for Atlanta.

Actually, if you have never been to Gateway Center, then please get in contact for a tour.  Come see us. See the walls and the faces and the food in the kitchen.  Ride the elevators to the top and back down and get a feel for what we’re really about.  Outside of working here or volunteering, a tour is probably the best way to get to know Gateway Center.  Believe me, we love to give tours.  So, please let me know if that’s something you would like to do.

If you have no patience for coffee with me and the possibility of a tour is far out of reach, then I suggest taking a look at these two documents.  They are essentially the same, just the bottom one is more detailed than the top.

This is called a logic model, or an outcomes map, depending on what kind of terminology jives with you.  These show  us exactly who we are as an agency.  What do we do? What do we expect to achieve from these actions in the short, intermediate, and long terms? This is what we’re all about on, paper, and it’s the best way to know Gateway Center at a glance.

Special thanks to our fantastic board member Debi Starnes and her team from EmStar Research for their work in developing this model for us!

Clicking on each image will give a magnified view.

double logic model_Page_2

double logic model_Page_1