By: Jason

Hello! Today is the day that tickets for Gateway Center’s major annual benefit go on sale.  This post is going to give you a breakdown on what this benefit is about, what you can expect, and why you should go ahead and buy a ticket to reserve your spot at the table.

It will be an evening of laughter, stories, and friendship.  There are many people in our community who support and partner with Gateway in a variety of ways, yet many do not know each other. This event will be a homecoming of sorts, a chance for all who love the Gateway Center to come together and connect for the first or 100th time.  We will hear from some key people involved in the Gateway story, and how lives have changed through community collaboration, solid investment of time and energy, and the realization of so many men and women of their own inherent worth, dignity, and potential.

We will have some amazing food and drink from White Oak Kitchen, some great speakers, and more.  As of now, we are putting in place many other aspects of the night (think: art, music, and stunning displays of audio/visual mastery).  As each aspect of the night solidifies, check back to our blog and Facebook page to find out what other magic is in store.

As for today, it is your first chance to purchase your ticket at the table.

The price of a ticket is a steal at $60, but don’t worry if you can’t make it.  You are still able to make a contribution in absence.

As part of the evening, our goal is to raise $100 per bed that the Gateway Center has in it’s facility.  These beds are filled every night with men and women who matter so much and are working very hard to escape from the destruction of poverty and homelessness.  By having all 300 beds of the Gateway Center sponsored, we will be able to go further in our work to end homelessness by providing the dignity of a first-rate facility to reside in as well as fantastic case management from the best and most qualified team in the city.  If you know you want to sponsor a bed, feel free to do so in advance of the event by adding it at the end of your order.

Today is the day to buy a ticket!  Though the event is September 19th (7pm-10pm), we urge you to move now to assure you have a spot, as space is limited to just 200.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at Human Clay!

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