By: Jason

Last Friday was one of the most exciting days of the Gateway year!  We had over 20 organizations from all over the city join us in our main lobby to offer services and information to people looking for assistance.  We had people from FLOOD, Project Live Love, M25 and other groups bring volunteers.  We had donations from Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, and Dunkin Donuts.  We had an entire city’s worth of knowledge converge in one place to help individuals get the answers they desperately need.  With that, here is my Top 7 List of my favorite things about Project Homeless Connect.

1. Interns.  Our interns did an amazing job getting the donations together and being a logistical driving force in making this event happen.

2. Collaboration. We saw organizations and agencies from all over the city come to offer their expertise in various areas.

Copy of PHC 18

Uniting for Project Homeless Connect!

3. Food. Everyone from the volunteers to the agency representatives to the clients were able to receive a good portion of food and coffee. Everyone is happier with food and coffee.

Copy of PHC 1

bagels forever!

4. Bus drivers.  One of our bus drivers, Sonia, ran all over Atlanta, using her knowledge of where people congregate to get folks back to Gateway Center.  Because of this, we never had a shortage of people seeking info.

5. Staff. We had staff members pitch in and contribute on a number of fronts. Some case managers took turns boothing the tables while others got up super early to set up or make runs to pick up coffee.  It was truly a team effort.

Intern Kayla, Staff Molly, and Staff Russell

Intern Kayla, Staff Molly, and Staff Russell

6. Volunteers. This day couldn’t exist without the awesome volunteers who showed up and made it run smoothly.  They did everything from hauling chairs around to passing out lunches.  This is what volunteerism is all about.

Volunteers were making it happen all day long

Volunteers were making it happen all day long

6. Results. There is no doubt that many people received information in an incredibly efficient way that just would not have been so available at any other time. With poor health or lack of transportation, it can be very difficult to get to where you need to be to receive services. During Project Homeless Connect, that all changed as a big city came to them, instead of the other way around.



Thanks again to all who made it a success!

Last year over 4,400 unique persons stayed at Gateway Center in their journey towards self-sufficiency and out of homelessness.  $10 provides meals for a day for one of these men, women, and children.  Make a donation today.