By: Jason Tatum

The connection between Gateway Center and the Regional Commission on Homelessness is deeper than anyone could imagine. Thanks to the Commission’s support and leadership, Gateway Center has been able to become what it is today.  As Gateway has modeled each floor of our facility with themes such as health, income, basic needs, and more, we are closely mirroring the structure of work that the United Way provides, which is the operator of the Regional Commission. As a partner, we are honored to be a key piece of the work being carried out through the commission.

From the Facebook page, here is a brief history of our Regional Commission:

“In 2002, at the request of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, United Way convened what would become the Regional Commission on Homelessness. Leaders from the business, charitable and government sectors were brought together to develop a regional strategy for eliminating chronic homelessness in our community. In 2003, the Blueprint to End Homelessness in Ten Years was adopted.

The City of Atlanta and seven other jurisdictions have made the Regional Commission on Homelessness a unique example of communities solving a regional problem by coming together. The joint efforts of the eight jurisdictions to end homelessness have been bold ones, including creating housing for homeless men, women and children, enhancing services and building a strong coalition.

Through the commission, communities are working together to identify national best practices and replicate them at the regional level. Our approach to ending homelessness includes prevention; outreach, intake and assessment; housing; and support and employment services.”

Here is what our Executive Director, Dr.Vince Smith, has to say about them:

The Regional Commission on Homelessness plays a central coordinating role in the collaborative regional efforts to help those experiencing homelessness. The Regional Commission for more than a decade has kept greater Atlanta focused intently on addressing the issue of homelessness in a comprehensive, coordinated, TESTREPLACE, and collaborative manner. The Commission is focused on ending chronic homelessness. The community successes would not have been achieved without the stellar work of the Regional Commission on Homelessness.

Simply put, we love the Regional Commission and their work to end homelessness!