By: Jason Tatum

The clip you just watched was part of a multi-episode series made by the BBC.  In looking at a history of poverty there are several questions that we must wrestle with.  Is poverty actually an inevitable outcome of society?  Do the presence of free markets insist on the creation of unequal classes?  Is there a way that we can eradicate poverty for large swaths of people through mindful and caring practices?

These are macr0 questions that we live with in our micro work at Gateway Center.  Everyday we are sitting face to face with real men, women, and children who are looking for ways to escape poverty and homelessness.  It is not just our job to make referrals and to fill out forms that move someone on to the next step in this process.  It is also, if not chiefly, our duty to instill and share a sense of hope and expectation that because each person has incredible worth and potential means that no person is an inevitable victim to poverty and homelessness.

View the entire episode and others in the series right now via PBS.

Last year over 4,400 unique persons stayed at Gateway Center in their journey towards self-sufficiency and out of homelessness.  $10 provides meals for a day for one of these men, women, and children. Every dollar counts.  Make a donation today.