By: Jason Tatum

If you know me, then you know I don’t seem like the running type.  But for years now I have been drawn to the sport for the many different benefits.  Once my legs are loosened up and I’ve been out on the path consistently for a few days, I begin to appreciate the rhythm and the void that I enter after about a mile or so into it.

Running is incredibly therapeutic.  If we have been living underneath a rock for the past 10 years then we might not be aware that regular exercise has a host of physical and emotional benefits that really matter in gaining peace, clarity, and long-standing health.


For the guys who live here at Gateway Center, this place becomes a “center” in the truest sense of the word.  It is the place where they come back to after a day of work, job-searching, therapy, or doctor’s visits.  This building is their bedrock during this time of transitioning out of homelessness.  While here, there is another fantastic partner who helps in the process of centering, and that is Back on My Feet.  Back on My Feet has been a wonderful friend of ours over the past few years as they help our clients get outdoors and use running as a way to balance and energize their efforts. There really is something about motion that creates confidence and knowledge of our abilities. While BoMF focuses on running, they use this as a launching point for building relationships and assisting men and women get back to a place of self-sufficiency.

This is why we are excited that the 2nd Annual Meaningful Miles Run/Walk 5K sponsored by AT&T is coming up this Saturday, August 24, 2013.  You’ll get a t-shirt, but you’ll be doing a lot more with your support.  As they say at Back on My Feet:

The second annual Meaningful Miles Run/Walk 5k sponsored by AT&T gives Atlantans the chance to run alongside – not past – individuals transitioning out of homelessness in our city.  Each mile honors one of our partner facilities-  Trinity House, Gateway Center, and Salvation Army.  As Back on My Feet grows so will this annual race, always adding one mile per partner shelter.

So sign up.  Gateway Center will represent mile two of this race, and we would love it if you were there to run.  If you’re more of the cheering sort, come stand along the side with us and make signs and encourage our runners on!