By: Jason Tatum

Number 1! – Fantastic food and drink!

The evening is presented by one of Atlanta’s more amazing restaurants, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, located on Peachtree St, just across from Sun Trust Plaza.  A beautiful dining room and bar is operated by Alan and Cindy LeBlanc, the couple who also runs Max Lager’s Brewery down the street. The evening will be fully catered by White Oak with a delicious menu of heavy hors d’oeuvres and a full, open bar.  It’s going to be tough to beat this for a Thursday night out in Atlanta anywhere you go.


White Oak Kitchen


Number 2! – Great Stories!

We believe what makes life truly meaningful are the stories that we all get to live and share.  This evening will be a chance to hear the stories of how people’s lives have been shaped and trajectories altered through their own desire and commitment, their hard work, and their humility and courage to ask for help.  At Human Clay we will hear the tales of how dedicated case managers, front line volunteers, and people with dreams to be productive and whole were able to come together to make serious change. This is not to be missed.


Number 3! – Opportunity!

We want you to be there.  Not to make ourselves feel good or just because we like a good party (we do love a good party), but because this is an opportunity.  This is an invitation to join up with something that is bigger than us individually.  As citizens of this community we are naturally aware of issues that are facing many of our neighbors: joblessness, mental illness, veteran’s issues, domestic violence, and so much more. For thousands in Atlanta these ailments collide together into homelessness. Finding solutions to all of this can seem daunting and too big, and they are for one person. But, together, we have the potential to actually shape lives for the better. This is done as a community: with the rich, with the poor, with the government, and with the soccer moms. It’s the churches and the schools, the firefighters and utility workers and public servants and business men and women. Together we are able to do mighty things. So join us on September 19!

Photo Jul 16, 3 31 09 PM


Number 4! – No Twerking!

Just because this will be one of the best and most fun nights of the year does not mean that it will in any way resemble the Video Music Awards of Sunday night.  Miley, you are still invited, but please, no twerking. If you don’t catch the reference, then mosey over to YouTube, but not at work or in-front of children.

The Event – September 19, 7pm, White Oak Kitchen. Complimentary valet.

Tickets– $60: for all the information.

Questions– Email Jason Tatum at