By: Jason Tatum

It has simply taken us too long to give you this wrap of what an amazing night we had this fall at White Oak Kitchen.  For the first time, the Gateway Center hosted a signature event: a night designed to highlight the work being done in downtown Atlanta to change people’s lives and to end homelessness for each person who walks through the door.

A special night it was to connect with old friends, tell stories, and make new relationships.  People from various parts of life and sectors of the community were together in one room to celebrate the stories of each person who has been affected for the better over the past several of years at the Gateway Center.


Here is a little rundown of the evening-

  • About 150 people attended
  • 32 different business sponsor our event in some capacity
  • Six special partners of ours were honored with the “Gatekeeper Award”: presented to business that have made a lasting impact to our community via their in-kind donations. They were:

We want to take a moment to highlight our three Gatekeeper Sponsors- those who contributed $10,000 to this year’s event.


Coca-Cola has been one of Gateway Center’s most loyal supporters over the years. We are so appreciative of Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of $10,000 for our Human Clay signature event this past September. As they so often do, Coca-Cola set an example in the community and was one of the first sponsors to enthusiastically offer their support and helped us to meet our goal for this inaugural event. Because of their history and commitment to Atlanta, they have been true partners and have taken the time to genuinely understand the work being done at Gateway. Thank you to everyone at Coca-Cola for this gift and the generous support you have shown in supporting our street outreach efforts since 2009. It is so obvious that you live up to your commitment of investing time, expertise and resources to help local communities.- Jeff Al-Mashat, Development Director

The Coca-Cola Company

Robert Glustrom

Robert Glustrom has been a member of the Gateway Center Board of Directors, since its formation, in 2008. He is an attorney and leading businessman in the Atlanta community, through RCG Holdings LLC. Bobby is a committed community leader who makes a difference in the lives of persons experiencing homelessness, not only through his financial gifts, but also his personal energy. He and his wife, Pam, are deeply involved in the Atlanta community and seek to make their community responsive to and caring towards those who are so often overlooked. The Glustrom Family has a long history of making a difference in the lives of others. Mr. Glustrom serves as chairman of the Gateway Center Board Development Committee.- Vince Smith, Executive Director

RCG Properties LLC, Robert C. Glustrom


MailChimp has been a company that I have followed with interest over the past five or six years.  I began using their email marketing tools in the early days of the company for various tasks that I had to do in my own career and always found that it was superior.  I also loved to use their service over others because they are an Atlanta based company.  I have a deep sense of pride in rooting for hometown teams, so I was an instant fan of the MailChimp mascot, “Freddie”.  MailChimp now has the best web tools available for email campaigns, I see their name on many things that I love and care about, and several friends work there with a great amount of happiness.  When MailChimp told me they were going to sponsor us at the $10,000 level, I was beside myself.  Receiving word that one of my favorite companies was going to directly partner with us was a dream come true. – Jason Tatum, Public Relations Director

Gatekeeper $10,000 Sponsor: MailChimp

Human Clay was a great success, a wonderful night, and a ton of fun.  We are so thankful to everyone who was able to be a part of the evening in some way.  We know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful tradition, and we hope you can join us next time.


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