My name is Sarah Grace White, and I am one of the new Mission Year interns for The Speakers Bureau of The Gateway Center. I am so excited to have been placed here, and I look forward to spending a year learning, serving, and growing. I was born and raised in Madison, Mississippi, with two brothers and a sister. I grew up in the church and had numerous opportunities to serve on short term mission trips as well as in my local community, including serving meals to those experiencing homelessness in Jackson, Mississippi. Although I am glad to have had those experiences, I look back wishing I had taken more time to get to know each one as a person instead of just giving them a sandwich and a smile. This year I will get the opportunity to sit down and become friends with some of those experiencing homelessness; I will get to hear their stories and learn from them along the way.

I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from Mississippi College, and I genuinely loved my time there. Upon graduating, however, I felt the pressures of immediately jumping into the job search and landing a great job to climb that corporate ladder. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I didn’t feel like that was what I was supposed to do at the time. I prayed about it and eventually heard about Mission Year, a nonprofit that takes 18-26 year olds from around the world and places them on teams of 5-8 to live in an urban setting for a year. Simplicity, solidarity, discipleship, service, and community are all important aspects of Mission Year. I was placed in Atlanta with a team of people from Tennessee, South Carolina, Idaho, Canada, Denmark, and Norway. I have already learned so much in just two weeks; my eyes are being opened to things that I had never noticed or never taken the time to care about. I can already see that The Gateway Center will have a big impact on my year and life.

I have a huge appreciation for the arts. I love to paint, draw, doodle, and take in each day’s own unique beauty. I’m also a big fan of music across many genres, and I’m known for whistling Christmas tunes at random without even realizing it. I love games- board games, card games, group games, football games, baseball games. You name it. I also love a good competition, which may explain why I love games so much. I’m looking forward to taking a year to simplify my life, rediscover the important things, play games, whistle Christmas music, and hear peoples’ stories.



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