By: Jason Tatum

October 23, 2013

Last week we saw truck after truck pull into the lot behind Gateway Center to unload dirt, potted plants, wood, paint, paint, and a little more paint.  The Home Depot Foundation brought in 60 volunteers from eight metro Atlanta stores to make a major impact on our facility.  By doing so, they are improving the lives of countless individuals throughout the building by making this a place where dignity is restored and individuals are reminded of their potential and worth.

What was done?  This has to be one of the biggest projects to enhance the Gateway Center within recent memory, just take a look at this list:

-Painted the new Georgia Works! area of the first floor

– Planted an amazing amount of mulch, potted plants, and more as well as a new flower box areas

-Installed a retaining wall along the back side of the building

-Installed shelving throughout the building

-Installed garment racks in each of our veteran’s program dorms

-Replaced doorknobs and tiling where needed in certain places throughout the building

-Painted the staff break room


Executive Director, Vince Smith, sharing with the volunteers on their impact.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective and incredible partnerships we have seen in the past several years at the Gateway Center.  I had a chance to ask a few questions of one of the leads of the team to get a few details of the project, and this is what Home Depot associate Ann Marie Lieberman had to say, “From eight stores across the city comprising 60 people, we are most proud because we have associates from our Midtown store who are currently residing at the Gateway Center, taking part in those programs, and working to end their homelessness through employment with Home Depot.” I found out that those very associates were back at Gateway with the rest of the team, installing flower beds and unloading trucks.

Lieberman went on to inform that there were additionally six veterans onsite who were working to improve the Gateway Center last week.  Working with veterans is the prime focus of the Home Depot Foundation, which is a natural fit for this partnership due to Gateway Center’s extensive programs for veterans and their collaboration with the Veteran Administration.

“Everybody here is excited because this is one of our core values, this giving back, and so it feels good to be here today to put that value into action”, said Lieberman.

We are beyond thankful for the work Home Depot did for us and look forward to much more fruitful partnership in the years to come as we do the work to change lives in Metro Atlanta.


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The talent of perfect painting and smiling for the camera simultaneously


Homer to the rescue

Homer to the rescue


Just one of many truckloads




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