By Bec Cranford

Our spot light on volunteers in the month of January centers around Christine Washington and her ministry Blessed Angels, Inc. Blessed Angels serves Gateway faithfully every month. Since 2007, these TESTREPLACE souls minister all over Atlanta to those in need. Christine cares deeply for our clients at GWC. I wanted to find out more about her and her heart for those experiencing homelessness.  Many years ago, Christine experienced homelessness herself as the result of the economy and unemployment. She and her two children had to find shelter in a transitional housing program. The time proved difficult for Christine and her children. Yet, she made it through with her faith and her family. Years after her experience, she felt that God was giving her a vision to deliver his blessings to those suffering homelessness in Atlanta. From there, she committed to serving those in need. I asked Christine a couple of questions to find out more about her. Christine told me that “giving up is never an option” for her. I asked her to tell me about a time that impacted her at Gateway, and she recalled an encounter with a young woman whose shoes were tattered and torn. Christine watched her daughter take off her own sneakers. She gave them to the lady, leaving her own feet exposed. The woman receiving the shoes began to tear up with joy, and Christine also cried during this moment. Christine loves seeing others understand or “get it” about serving. I asked Christine to tell me about one thing that people didn’t know about her. She told me she hated opening crab legs. This made me chuckle. Lastly, I asked her what animal she would be. Christine said she would be an eagle. I can see that in her. She soars above circumstances on the wind of faith and focuses on freedom. We at Gateway feel extremely grateful to have Blessed Angels, Inc. and Christine Washington partner in our mission to change lives and end homelessness.

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