By Staci Wright

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have clean clothes to wear each day? Isn’t it pleasant to put on a fresh pair of socks in the morning? We won’t even mention the refreshing feeling of a fresh pair of underwear. (Oops, I guess we just did.) Unfortunately, those experiencing homelessness don’t always get to experience this basic luxury that many of us take for granted.

Fortunately, Gateway Center provides showers and coin-operated laundry for those who need clean clothes and a hot shower 24 hours a day! We understand the importance of good hygiene and positive human health and believe that no person should be without.

But we need YOUR help! Gateway Center is in urgent need of powder laundry detergent! GWC houses over 300 residential clients and has hundreds who walk through our doors daily just to obtain basic services. A donation of laundry detergent will mean that our residential clients and non-residential clients will have clean clothes, fresh undergarments and clean blankets.

Did You Know?

So we are calling YOU extreme couponers!!! We know you have a stock-pile full of extra goodies, maybe even some laundry detergent for Gateway?

We are calling YOU all you Bo-Goers. If you pick up one for yourself, why not grab another one for Gateway?

And we are calling YOU all you good-hearted folks who like to extend a helping hand, maybe over to Gateway?

Email to set up your donation!

We appreciate your consideration in supporting Gateway Center and our mission to end homelessness!