By: Sophie Beal

Our volunteer spotlight this month highlights Patrick Davis, passionate and active board member of the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative. Sopo and Gateway teamed up earlier this year to create “The Link”–a partnership that helps our homeless clients learn cycle maintenance skills and earn bikes with Sopo expertise and guidance. So far, over 30 GWC residents have earned bikes and have contributed over 76 volunteer hours in the Sopo shop in Grant Park. Access to affordable transportation through Sopo is a huge deal for our residents who are now able to use their new bicycles to get to job interviews, make appointments, and search for housing. All that while helping to save the environment–not bad, eh?

Naturally, Gateway and Sopo have gotten some media attention for this game-changing program. Sopo even installed awesome new bike racks in Gateway residential dorms two weeks ago!

We are so proud of and thankful for Sopo’s partnership with GWC! Patrick was kind enough to take a moment to answer some questions about his passion for this work.¬†Check it out:


What is Sopo’s Mission?

Sopo Bicycle Cooperative strives to create equitable access to cycling resources by providing bicycle maintenance, services, and education in a safe, community-owned space that is accessible to all residents of Atlanta.


What inspires you most in your work?

Every year seeing more and more residents of this city trying out a car-free lifestyle. From all different demographics and income levels.


What is one issue that you, personally, are passionate about?

Innovation: always be open to trying something new.


Do you have a favorite spot in ATL? Where?

Although the Gateway Center is a pretty cool place to hang out, two local restaurants in Grant Park really help us out a lot. Stone Soup Kitchen, our next door neighbor, provides free coffee for every session of the Link. Also, Republic Social House on Memorial has been very generous in providing food for our graduation rides.


Favorite quote?

“Do not confuse activity with achievement.” –John Wooden


If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

Focus. I have a lot of trouble getting pulled in different directions. Cultivating a healthy curiosity and desire to learn is what makes us human. However, don’t let yourself get bogged down trying to learn about too many subjects.

Sopo members and Gateway residents building community while biking together

Sopo members and Gateway residents building community while biking together

Thank you Patrick for your insights! And thank you Sopo for helping us change lives and end homelessness in ATL! Our partners and volunteers make us great.