This winter, Clark Atlanta students Leslie Strong and Terrance Mack filmed a documentary project at the Gateway Center titled “Redefining Homelessness.” This short film interviews both residents and employees of GWC in an attempt to cultivate a deeper understanding of homelessness as a social justice issue and to spark a larger conversation about how we can work together to end homelessness in our community.

GWC Student Documentary

Telling Gateway’s story in this particular film are the voices of Vince Smith (Executive Director), Bec Cranford (Volunteer Coordinator), Russell Thomas (Peer Specialist and former Gateway Resident), Sophie Beal (DOOR Intern), and Emmanuel Thomas (Gateway Resident and member of the Upward Program). We are so pleased to have the opportunity to share these students’ work with you all!

Bec Cranford sums up best what it’s like to work at the Gateway Center when she says,

“I’ve never been more connected with the most TESTREPLACE people who really could change the world and who, I think, are changing the world . . . I feel like I’m in the middle of a fire. But it’s a beautiful fire.”