By: Sophie Beal

Hills of Help Outreach Ministry has been coming to Gateway Center every Tuesday for 3 years to provide sack lunches to folks at Gateway Center. Evangelist Fanny Head and Hills of Help Pastor Sandra Billinger are deeply committed to serving the community, rooted in the kind of faith that moves mountains. Evangelist Head was kind enough to sit down with me for an interview to speak about her work with Hills of Help Outreach Ministry. With a quiet warmth and clear love for all people radiating from her smile, Evangelist Head knows exactly who she is.

Get to know her here…

Where are you from originally?

Georgia. This is my home.

I work with my Pastor Sandra Billinger. She is the Pastor of Hills of Help Ministry. God put it on her heart to start feeding the hungry. That’s how we got started. At first we were doing it at the church, but there weren’t as many people coming, so we began starting to think about the shelters. That’s how we came here. And it’s been a blessing every day.

What did you do before you began coming to Gateway?

I went out of town for about 16 ½ years to take care of my aunt in Ohio. When I came back in 2007 I was looking for a church to join and I kept going around asking God where I should go until finally I saw the sign “Hills of Help Outreach Ministry,” so I went there and that’s where God told me he want me to be. It’s been a real blessing–a real joy.

What, for you, is the most inspiring part of this work?

I just love helping people. I really do.

If there is one, what is the hardest part about coming here every week?

It’s not hard at all. It really isn’t hard. It’s easy [laughs] — I enjoy it. It’s not hard.

Do you have a favorite quote you say to yourself or others?

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” In other words … Live a life according to the way God designed for us to live—to love everybody. Love everybody regardless who they are, what they are, what you do or don’t do, whatever. Love people. Because that is the number one thing.

And also God said, “By thy love and kindness I have drawn thee.” That’s how he brought people, by his love and kindness. If the love of God is not showing through us, how are we going to be able to draw somebody? In other words, we are the little Jesus that people see (praise be the name of the Lord), so if they don’t see Jesus shining through us then they’ll continue to be lost.

One thing about the people here, I see that they are so grateful. They are grateful to receive lunches every time we come. They always say “thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Lord bless you, thank you so much.” When you see that someone is thankful for you and what they are receiving that really helps you to continue.

Not only do we bring lunches on Tuesdays. At Christmas time we also bring a little gift along with their lunch. Our pastor is such a loving pastor, she believes in helping and so that’s what she do. Last year we gave socks, not only socks, but sometimes we have toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs … We try to give as much as we can. This year we’re trying to get at least a thousand packs of socks.

Where’s your favorite place in Atlanta?

You know, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite place. Except my number one favorite spot is Hills of Help Outreach Ministry … Yes indeed!

If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

Make sure what you’re doing, that you’re doing it for the Lord, that you’re doing it from your heart, and that you’re doing it for God to be glorified. Let God be glorified in everything you do, because it’s not about us and what we do. He is the one that gives us the will and the strength to do what we do.