By: Sophie Beal

Every year our staff here at GWC step back and take stock of where we are in our organization’s mission to end homelessness in Atlanta. It’s a chance to assess what we’re doing well, celebrate our successes, and look forward to what we can improve upon in years to come. We’re so proud of all that the Gateway Center accomplished last year and can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

In the meantime, here is a breakdown of our numbers from Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1st, 2013 – June 30, 2014).


Total Individuals Served: 5,136GWC by numbers
–> Residential: 1,291
–> Non-Residential: 3,845

Who Are Our Clients?
31% chronically homeless
56% have a disabling condition of some kind
18% are veterans
4% currently enrolled in school
61% already have a high school diploma or GED
17% have attended post secondary school
22% have not graduated high school
23% are diagnosed with mental illness
45% struggle with substance abuse (89% of those receiving treatment)
15% have a physical disability
4% survivors of domestic abuse
10% have a chronic health condition
4% have a developmental disability
3% are illiterate
3% are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

GWC serves clients from accross the United States. “Last permanent address” is a way for us to track from what parts of the country our clients are arriving. Many clients are from Atlanta, but others may come from as far away as San Fransisco, Seattle, Colorado, NYC, or Vermont.

Between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, GWC housed an average 289 individuals each night.

Program Breakdown:

Program: Total Served: Average Stay:
Assessment 406 1 month
Employment 180 2.8 months
Training/Support 38 4 months
Veterans Transitional Housing 133 4.8 months
Veterans Contract Beds 51 1.9 months
Mental Health 90 2.6 months
Upward Recovery 94 3.2 months
Life Changers 153 2.6 months
Recuperative Care 56 2.3 months
Resident Assistants & Interns 20 5.1 months

For more information on each of our programs click here.

Finances at Entry:
19% clients earning income at entry
67% clients enter with no income
93% clients fall below the Federal Poverty Line
33% receive SNAP at intake

Gateway Center Program Outcomes:
1,161 individuals moved into housing (Transitional + Permanent) over the course of the year.
337 graduated from GWC programs with their own rental.
53% were earning income at exit.

We hope you learned something new and interesting about those we serve and our progress as an organization! If you like what you see and want to help us continue to build upon our mission to change lives and end homelessness in Atlanta, we encourage you to consider a contribution towards our cause!