By now many of you have heard about GWC’s 10th Anniversary campaign, #10for10 on Indiegogo. If not, the gist is thus: Gateway has now been around for 10 years and we’re looking to raise $10,000 from the community by the end of July to help us keep our doors open for years to come! We know these crowdfunding campaigns can be exhausting and perhaps even seem a bit arbitrary at times, but we promise that every single cent raised in this campaign has a HUGE impact on the longevity of our organization and in the lives of our clients.

Still a skeptic? Here are 10 reasons why you should donate:

1. Because it’s a neighborly thing to do.


Make Mr. Rogers Proud

No one lives in a vacuum. When a few of our neighbors suffer, our whole community suffers. Gateway helps to make sure that your neighbors are cared for. The more people Gateway is able to help move into housing of their own, the more vibrant and healthy your city–our city–becomes. See? It’s a win-win. You know Mister Rogers would agree.

2. Because there is no “one size fits all” solution to homelessness.


My Money’s On The Goldfish

Gateway doesn’t have just one program to help our clients, we have 8! Each program focuses on a different area that may contribute to a person’s homelessness. Our staff work hard to meet our clients where they are on an individual level and walk with them on their journey to self sufficiency. A dollar donated to the Gateway Center goes farther!

3. Because we work to educate the community.



We work hard to feature a wide range of stories in our blog and debunk stereotypes about homelessness in the community. Just as there is no “one size fits all” solution to homelessness, there is also no such thing as “a homeless person.” There are only people experiencing homelessness.

4. Because over 500 people turn to Gateway for help every single day.

Faces of Homelessness

Gateway Center is a vital resource used by over 500 individuals in Atlanta every day. People experiencing homelessness rely on our building to provide much needed beds, public restrooms, computer labs, showers, laundry machines, and much more.

5. Because we rely entirely on outside support.


Unfortunately, these priceless day-to-day resources for our clients come at a very real cost. Can you imagine the water bill for a building with over 100 toilets? Every single dollar donated to Gateway goes toward covering these overhead costs. Without Gateway’s building, there would be no Gateway Center!

6. Because we’re always looking for new and creative partners to join our fight to end homelessness!

Like Elmo!

GWC has a long history of collaborating with experts in our community to find new and creative solutions. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we have offices for the Department of Labor, Traveler’s Aid, Mercy Care Clinic, and even Food Stamps in our building! Even more recently, however, Gateway has partnered with the SOPO Bicycle Cooperative to teach our guys bicycle maintenance skills, Back on My Feet Atlanta to run with clients who choose to do so in the mornings as a way to foster self-reliance and esteem, and Emory Nursing School to provide Art Therapy on Wednesdays!

7. Because this adorable puppy believes in you.

You can do it little buddy!

You can do it, buddy!

Don’t let him down! If this little guy can finally roll over (and he does–promise), then you can totally change the world!

8. Because nobody in the country does what Gateway does!

Go Us

Go Us!

Gateway Center is one of a kind. No other organization in the country covers quite as much ground under one roof as we do. We strive to provide a space that supports the whole person. With basic services (like showers, laundry, storage, clothing, phones, etc.), 330+ beds (for programs like recuperative care, employment training, veteran support, and many more), PLUS on site community partners working together to have the most impact possible? We are an organization the community cannot afford to lose.

9. Because we’re all in this together.


But Seriously.

It’s called a “crowdfunding” campaign for a reason, people. We need you to make it happen!

10. Because donating is super easy!

So True.

It’s True!

All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions! You can also contribute to the Gateway Center by following the instructions on our website’s donation page here — Or if you prefer, you can donate by mail to our secure address: P.O. Box 4779 Atlanta, GA 30302.

And, of course, all donations are tax deductible 🙂


We would be SO grateful if you would consider a contribution! Every bit helps!