An interview with Kristian Munroe, our Summer Intern from the DOOR Network.

Kristian is a rising sophomore at Gwinnett Tech. At 17, she is our youngest intern, but definitely still among the brightest. Kristian is originally from Brooklyn, NY, but has lived in Gwinnett for 5 years. This summer is Kristian’s first experience living inside the perimeter in Atlanta, but she came to the city ready to learn and serve with others.

GWC Interns visit the Dream Center

GWC Interns visit the Dream Cente

Kristain Rocks!

Kristain Rocks!

How did you get involved with Gateway this summer?

“I’m a counselor in a program called DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection). Each counselor has to have a station [at a service organization], so I was placed here at Gateway.”

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

“Well, for my future, I want to finish school by 21–my undergrad. I want to get all my requirements together, become a pediatrician, and eventually open my own practice.”

What are you most looking forward to about interning with Gateway?

“To build new connections and meet new people. And to understand people going through homelessness . . . understand what their everyday life looks like.”

What are you most anxious about working with Gateway this summer?

“To see some of the people I know from the area where I’m staying right now during the summer get their lives together. Because I see them in our Client Engagement Center [at Gateway], and I hope they’re able to get the services that they need so they can keep moving on with their lives.”

What has been your favorite moment at Gateway so far?

“Actually it was yesterday. I was doing a nail clinic with a volunteer group and I painted a man’s nails named Marcus, and he told me he would miss me…at the beginning he wasn’t really talking but then he opened up to me. At the end when we were done he told me ‘I’m going to miss you. I hope I see you again.’…stuff like that. That really made my day.”

What do you hope to learn by spending time at Gateway?

“How to be humble.”


Kristian’s experience this summer working and living with the Door Network means that not only does she spend time working and learning at Gateway during the day, but she also helps facilitate mission groups who are visiting and serving in the city in the evenings. Kristian is in for a busy summer, but her sense of humility and concern for others continue to shine through in her daily work. Welcome to the Gateway Center, Kristian! We’re glad to have you on the team!


Interview conducted and penned by Brenna Lakeson