Mamie smiles big. She is serving with Julius and her friend from church.

Mamie smiles big. She is serving with Julius and her friend from church.

Mamie Releford is a regular volunteer here at Gateway. She is affiliated with Workhouse of Faith Missionary Baptist Church and often brings fellow church members to volunteer with her. Once per month, Mamie serves dinner to our clients in the Georgia Works and Recuperative Care programs. I spent some time on the phone with Mamie, asking her about her experiences volunteering with Gateway Center. Here’s what she had to say…

How long have you been serving at Gateway?

“I guess about five years now.”

How did you get involved with volunteering?

“I wanted something else to do with my time.” Gateway seemed to be a good fit for “my” own mission, so “I started working with Gateway.”

What is one memory at Gateway that stands out to you?

“I don’t know if I have one or not. It’s hard to choose. But maybe when I was feeding the children, back when the children were there at Gateway. And their parents, you know.”

That definitely sounds a like a special experience.

“Right. It was.”

What advice to you have for others who might be looking to serve?

“Go in there with a positive attitude…talk to them and tell them that you love them.”

Has it been difficult working with people experiencing homelessness?

“No, it hasn’t been difficult. It’s been easy. Because they seem like they enjoy me coming. So I enjoy them.”

What gives you hope?

“Seeing clients be able to do what they need to do for themselves.” Mamie gets to see her hope manifested once a month as she serves and shares in stories of success.


“Mamie cooks homemade food, and provides all the fixings and sides with her delicious meals. We are very thankful for her participation at the Gateway Center, and her heart for those who have been marginalized.”- ¬†From Bec Cranford, Volunteer Coordinator

We are always interested in having new volunteers serve meals to our clients. If you’d like to serve like Mamie, visit our website to find out more
or contact Bec Cranford-Smith at!


Interview conducted by Brenna Lakeson, GWC Intern