By now you’ve probably seen a few posts for Gateway’s “Human Clay” benefit coming up on November 17th, but you may be wondering, “What is this Human Clay thing all about anyway? Why should I care?” … Luckily, we’re here to answer these questions and more. Read on to learn why you definitely don’t want to miss out on the event of the decade!

  1. Fantastic food & Drink!

The evening is presented by one of Atlanta’s more amazing restaurants, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, located on Peachtree St, just across from Sun Trust Plaza.  A beautiful dining room and bar is operated by Alan and Cindy LeBlanc, the couple who also runs Max Lager’s Brewery down the street. The evening will be fully catered by White Oak with a delicious menu of heavy hors d’oeuvres and a full, open bar.  It’s going to be tough to beat this for a Tuesday night out in Atlanta anywhere you go.


Oooh… Ahhh…

2. 100% of your donation goes toward ending homelessness!

It’s true! Thanks to the generosity of the amazing Cindy and Alan LeBlanc, all of the proceeds of this event will be going directly back into Gateway Center programs and services. So you can rest easy knowing that every cent of your donation is making a huge difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Atlanta!


Queen Bey commands you to love your neighbor

3. Opportunity!

We want you to be there.  Not to make ourselves feel good or just because we like a good party (we do love a good party), but because this is an opportunity.  This is an invitation to join up with something that is bigger than us individually.  As citizens of this community we are naturally aware of issues that are facing many of our neighbors: joblessness, mental illness, veteran’s issues, domestic violence, and so much more. For thousands in Atlanta these ailments collide into homelessness. Finding solutions to all of this can seem daunting and too big, and they are for one person. But, together, we have the potential to actually shape lives for the better. This is done as a community: with the rich, with the poor, with the government, and with the soccer moms. It’s the churches and the schools, the firefighters and utility workers and public servants and business men and women. Together we are able to do mighty things. (Tatum, 2013)

Go Us

Teamwork makes the dream work

4. Amazing Silent Auction!

Join us for our silent auction full of beautiful art by local artists, curated neighborhood experiences, trips, hotel stays, and much more!

ATL Move Tours   Grant Park   Hawks Ball   Hyatt Stays

5. Live Bluegrass and a fun photobooth!

Need we say more?


6. It’s Gateway’s 10th birthday!

This year’s Human Clay is more than just a benefit. It’s a chance to celebrate as a community the best that Atlanta can be! Gateway just had our 10 year anniversary on July 27th, and on November 17th we are throwing our belated birthday party. In the last 10 years we have moved hundreds of individuals out of homelessness and into their own safe, supportive, and sustainable housing. Now that’s something to celebrate 🙂

10th Anniversary

Join us on November 17th! It’ll be a night to make new friends and reconnect with old ones while we raise our glasses to changed lives and second chances for years to come.