Interview with Cynthia McGee Barron.

Written by Intern Tenzin Palbar


Tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Cynthia McGee Barron, and I am also known as Cee Cee. I have two adult children, Trimona age 31, with my twenty months old granddaughter Taylor Monae, and my nephew whom my ex-husband and I raised from the age of two (my sister passed away), Neiko who is 25. They are the joy of my life!  I have strong faith in God.  My church family is Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, GA.  I have been volunteering one day a week for the last year and a half in my pastor’s office doing administrative type work, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I have been employed for over thirty-six years by different agencies within the United States Department of Justice. I am currently working at the United States Trustee Office, which administers bankruptcy cases.  Since May 19, 2013 I have volunteered virtually every Sunday after church at the Gateway Center for three to four hours on average.  My purpose for being created is to inspire, motivate, encourage and assist those who are struggling by trying to meet their need and sharing the unconditional love of God.

  1. What is your most common advice to your children?

Some of my most common advice to my children when they were growing up was to always be a leader and not a follower; regardless of the situation always be truthful, because if you lie, the trust factor would be broken, and life is just not going to be a happy one if people don’t trust you; and always reach out to help someone in need.

  1. What would you like to do if you didn’t need to worry about financial resources?
    Great question! I would retire from my job (chuckles), and I would spend more time with my family, volunteer more days at my church, and at the Gateway Center!


  1. What do you like most about volunteering at the Gateway Center?
    I enjoy encouraging the clients here at Gateway, as well as the homeless community. Inspiring them, motivating them, providing them with clothes, shoes, health and beauty items, food, comforters, etc., and other things that are of need. I don’t donate all of the items myself. My caring co-workers and others in my building are aware that I am volunteering at the Gateway Center, so they have been donating items on a regular basis as well. I have a wicker container set up in our break room with a list of current items that are needed attached.  My co-workers and the people in my building, which is located downtown, are very warm-hearted people who have been continually giving now for over two years!
  2. What is one issue in the world you are most concerned about right now?
    Right now, my heart is somewhat heavy. I am praying for the entire world right now that there is peace among all people! We can all do our part by being respectful and polite to all those who cross our path!  Even a simple smile can warm a person’s heart!
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do when you are not working or volunteering?

Well, Neiko moved to Orlando, FL in September 2015 to be with family on his father’s side, and I miss him dearly.  I have super fun with Trimona and Taylor going on fun excursions on the weekends!  Also, Taylor spends at least one night a week with me!  I also enjoy hanging out with church family, friends, and neighbors trying out different restaurants, going to the movies, shooting pool, bowling, and let’s not forget shopping! (chuckles)


Thanks for being a great volunteer!

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