Jun 3 2013

Human Clay Tickets On Sale!

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By: Jason Hello! Today is the day that tickets for Gateway Center's major annual benefit go on sale.  This post is going to give you a breakdown on what this benefit is about, what you can expect, and why you should go ahead and buy a ticket to reserve your spot at the table. It [...]

May 29 2013

Human Clay: A Benefit for the Gateway Center

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  Hello Friends! Today marks an exciting day as we are happy to announce our first signature event arriving this September.  We will have more details coming soon, but we want you to be able to mark your calendars and let you know that tickets will be going on sale June 4th at only $60! [...]

May 6 2013

Here’s What’s Fun: Volunteering with Gateway Center

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By: Jason Back in my college days I was part of a community of students that got together for all kinds of fun and shenanigans.  Looking back, I’m proud to say that sometimes there was even a purpose to our gatherings. Sure, most of our time was spent at Waffle House at 2 in the [...]

Apr 25 2013

Good Neighbors

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By: Jason When I was a child I lived in this little 1950’s era street just by Atlanta’s airport.  It was me and my grandparents and my mother, before she got married.  They had lived there basically forever, and they knew every single person on the street.  These were still the old days of borrowing [...]

Feb 25 2013

A Tremendous Donation

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By: Jason Tatum At the Gateway Center we are constantly asked by concerned and caring individuals, "What do you need?"  These people want to give back, and they want to help in meaningful, tangible ways.  For myself, I know there is something special about giving a specific item to someone in need- something that can [...]

Oct 1 2012

Home is where the GIFT is…

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Fall is in the air and we are thrilled to be gearing up for this year's GIFT campaign.  The Gateway Center raised over $70,000 in 2010 through the campaign, and we are hoping for even more positive results this year! Read about our past success here: http://awards.prweekus.com/home-where-gift And get excited to get involved this November!  Details to come!

Aug 19 2012

Back on My Feet Gateway Mile

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AUGUST 25, 2012 BoMF Meaningful Miles 5K About the Race: On Saturday, August 25th Back on My Feet Atlanta will host the Meaningful Miles race at Historic Fourth Ward Park. The race will be a 5K this year, with one mile honoring each of our partner facilities/teams—a Trinity Mile, a Gateway Mile and a Salvation Army [...]