Jan 6 2014

Year In Review: 2013

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By Emily Emshoff and Jason Tatum With a new year to look forward to, we are also reflecting on this past year at the Gateway Center.  2013 was a great year for us filled with success, change, fresh ideas and new beginnings. We were able to serve thousands of clients and help them move into [...]

Apr 25 2013

Good Neighbors

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By: Jason When I was a child I lived in this little 1950’s era street just by Atlanta’s airport.  It was me and my grandparents and my mother, before she got married.  They had lived there basically forever, and they knew every single person on the street.  These were still the old days of borrowing [...]

Apr 18 2013

An Interview with VA Coordinator Mia McDowell

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By: Jason Mia McDowell was named the Employee of the Month for the month of April! We are so proud of her, and based on the cheers of our staff when her named was called, we know it was a well-deserved award.  I had the opportunity recently to sit down and chat so all of [...]

Mar 25 2013

Big Idea: A Mobile App for Big Data

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By: Jason How can we leverage great data to benefit our community and help end homelessness?  Community Technology Alliance, in partnership with DataCenter and Downtown Streets Team, are working to develop a mobile app that will harness the power of data between agencies, governmental resources, and the clients who are in need of great services. [...]

Mar 21 2013

3 Great Ways to Engage the Poor in Your Community

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By: Jason On Wednesday several of our staff had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Georgia Drug Policy and Alcohol Forum sponsored by Central Outreach and Advocacy Center and Troutman Sanders.  It was one of the most informative lunches I've had the chance to experience in my time thus far working with the homeless and community in [...]

Mar 15 2013

Surfing and Screenplays: A Case Manager Who Makes a Big Difference

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By: Jason We at Gateway Center have recently implemented one of the great and longstanding traditions of American employment: The Employee of the Month Award.  Yes, there’s a gift certificate and a ridiculously huge trophy involved that calls to mind the Pinewood Derby competitions of our youth.  We would have even thrown in a premiere [...]

Mar 8 2013

Potential in Gainesville, Florida

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I love giving tours to people in our city who are interested in what Gateway Center is.  If you ever want to experience this amazing building and all that goes on here, just get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to arrange a time to give a tour. Recently some [...]

Mar 6 2013

Bigger is Not Better

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The below video comes from this fantastic blog and website called Plywood People.  They are an Atlanta based group who are working with organizations to create meaningful social change.  Their blog is a constant source of encouragement and energy for many like yourselves who are committed to doing amazing things in your city. The founder [...]

Mar 4 2013

The Reality of Our Wealth

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http://youtu.be/QPKKQnijnsM By: Jason After watching this video it could be easy to have any number of emotions.  We at Gateway Center understand that messages like these can conjure a range of thoughts and feelings including sadness, disbelief, anger, and self-righteousness.  We post this not with the desire to rally politic sentiments or statements or to [...]

Feb 25 2013

A Tremendous Donation

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By: Jason Tatum At the Gateway Center we are constantly asked by concerned and caring individuals, "What do you need?"  These people want to give back, and they want to help in meaningful, tangible ways.  For myself, I know there is something special about giving a specific item to someone in need- something that can [...]