Apr 1 2014

April Volunteer Spotlight

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By Bec Cranford I sat down with Gabe Barrett from Mount Bethel United Methodist Church to find out more about him. Gabe was living in Los Angeles four years ago after graduating from Auburn University, where he played football. His life was wonderful; he lived on the beach, and had everything he wanted. One day, [...]

Mar 19 2014

Assistance League of Atlanta

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By Marisa Zhuno In a humble brick building in Chamblee, Georgia, women laugh and smile and share stories while bustling through tiny hallways and crowded offices. Cheerful posters and inspirational quotes line the walls. What may look like the simple gathering of friends is actually a well-oiled machine of productivity and proactive community involvement. These [...]

Jul 19 2013

Partner Spotlight: Regional Commission on Homelessness

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By: Jason Tatum The connection between Gateway Center and the Regional Commission on Homelessness is deeper than anyone could imagine. Thanks to the Commission's support and leadership, Gateway Center has been able to become what it is today.  As Gateway has modeled each floor of our facility with themes such as health, income, basic needs, [...]

Jun 19 2013

Local Mobility: Chris’ Story

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By: Molly Chris and I were scheduled to meet at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.  I arrived at his dorm on the second floor a few moments early and one of the case managers gave him a ring on his cell phone to let him know that I had arrived for our interview.  I sat [...]

Jun 10 2013

Social Business Spotlight: Sweet Surrender Fudge

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By: Jason Fudge is one of those tasty treats that you probably don’t think of too often.  Your grandmother makes it at Christmas or you might have a bit once in-a-while when you’re walking the boardwalk at the beach on your summer vacation.  Maybe you've even made a foray into the scenic hills of Gatlinburg, [...]

May 20 2013

Book Review: More or Less (Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity)

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By: Jason What is enough? Author and Atlanta local Jeff Shinabarger explores this question through an engaging read on the principals of applied generosity.  Shinabarger takes us into the lifestyle of someone who resolves to expand the reach of their personal community to those who have both more and less than them in the efforts [...]

May 9 2013

Street Feedings: Thoughts on Volunteerism and Partnership

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By: Jason About a decade ago I was reading a book that changed my life.  It was a young man’s reflections on his past and how he came to understand people, his family, his faith, and the entire world around him.  It was my kind of book, perfect for the young college mind that is [...]

May 6 2013

Here’s What’s Fun: Volunteering with Gateway Center

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By: Jason Back in my college days I was part of a community of students that got together for all kinds of fun and shenanigans.  Looking back, I’m proud to say that sometimes there was even a purpose to our gatherings. Sure, most of our time was spent at Waffle House at 2 in the [...]

Apr 29 2013

Partnering with Saint Joseph’s Hospital

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By: Jason If you read our blog often then you are probably more than a little familiar with the phrase "community collaboration".  This is so much more than hollow lip-service  to our neighbors.  We believe that building and sustaining strong partnerships with other agencies, communities, faith-based groups, businesses, academic institutions, and everything else you can think of is [...]

Apr 23 2013

Meet Al

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Today's post is by Tiffany Brennaman, who works with one of our core partners, Back on My Feet.  If you hangout around our blog/Facebook long enough then you will no doubt see how much we love working with BoMF.  Find related posts here and here, among many other references and mentions on our social media channels.  We [...]