Nov 6 2014

Evangelist Fanny Head: November Volunteer Spotlight

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By: Sophie Beal Hills of Help Outreach Ministry has been coming to Gateway Center every Tuesday for 3 years to provide sack lunches to folks at Gateway Center. Evangelist Fanny Head and Hills of Help Pastor Sandra Billinger are deeply committed to serving the community, rooted in the kind of faith that moves mountains. Evangelist [...]

Oct 23 2014

7 Ways We Unknowingly Miss the Mark When Serving the Homeless

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By: Bec Cranford-Smith  ***** Many good-hearted mission students and outreach church groups hop onto the streets of Atlanta every week looking to serve others and feel good about their service. Yet in reality, many of our service trips are essentially poverty tourism--efforts to shock ourselves awake from our materialism-induced slumber. We say we want to serve [...]

Aug 29 2014

August Volunteer Spotlight: Phyllis Rowe

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By Sophie Beal: Phyllis Rowe is not a Gateway employee, but that’s easy to forget as she’s something of an institution around here. Phyllis has volunteered at Gateway for almost three years and manages our clothing closet four days a week, often serving 30-50 people per day. In her words, she’s an “A++ personality,” so [...]

Jul 29 2014

July Volunteer Spotlight: Sopo Bicycle Cooperative

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By: Sophie Beal Our volunteer spotlight this month highlights Patrick Davis, passionate and active board member of the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative. Sopo and Gateway teamed up earlier this year to create "The Link"--a partnership that helps our homeless clients learn cycle maintenance skills and earn bikes with Sopo expertise and guidance. So far, over 30 [...]

Jul 22 2014

Why Volunteer with Gateway?

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By: Sophie Beal Gateway Center hosts 70-100 volunteers weekly--each providing valuable help for us and our clients by painting dorms, making sandwiches, installing bike racks, serving meals, planting flower beds, giving manicures, sorting donations, editing resumes, singing karaoke . . . and the list goes on. Working with partners in our community is central to [...]

Jun 23 2014

June Volunteer Spotlight: Charles Storne

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By Bec Cranford Every Saturday, rain or shine, Charles Storne and his team gather early to prepare breakfast for hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. Getting up at 4 or 5 am on a weekend to make grits and eggs isn't everyone’s favorite thing to do, but for Charles and his team it’s a passion and [...]

Apr 1 2014

April Volunteer Spotlight

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By Bec Cranford I sat down with Gabe Barrett from Mount Bethel United Methodist Church to find out more about him. Gabe was living in Los Angeles four years ago after graduating from Auburn University, where he played football. His life was wonderful; he lived on the beach, and had everything he wanted. One day, [...]

Feb 27 2014

March Volunteer Spotlight: Pastor Hamm

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By Bec Cranford-Smith Our Volunteer Spotlight for the month of March centers on Heartfelt Outreach Ministries from The Last Days Church of God.  Pastor Hamm, Lady Hamm, and his amazing team have worked diligently with Gateway since 2009 through many changes. I took time to sit down with Pastor Hamm to find out why he [...]

Jan 6 2014

January Volunteer Spotlight: Blessed Angels, Inc.

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By Bec Cranford Our spot light on volunteers in the month of January centers around Christine Washington and her ministry Blessed Angels, Inc. Blessed Angels serves Gateway faithfully every month. Since 2007, these TESTREPLACE souls minister all over Atlanta to those in need. Christine cares deeply for our clients at GWC. I wanted to find [...]

Sep 5 2013

A Talk with Bec Cranford

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By: Jason Tatum As you might know by now, each month staff and clients vote on who they believe should be Gateway's Employee of the Month.  For the month of August the winner was our Volunteer Coordinator superstar, Bec Cranford-Smith.  For anyone who works with Bec it is very apparent that her compassion and desire [...]