Feb 10 2014

Simple Truths: Part 3

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By Staci Wright This is the third installment of the blog series “Simple Truths: debunking common stereotypes surrounding those experiencing homelessness.” You can find the introduction to this series here. Another stereotype that I would like to discuss is the idea that “All homeless people are criminals.” This statement, in itself, is inaccurate and worded [...]

Jul 23 2013

Sheep and Such

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Today's guest post comes to us from Bec Cranford-Smith, our esteemed Volunteer Coordinator.  Bec is also a pastor in her community, and her post today comes from her perspective. These thoughts represent Bec Cranford only and not those of Gateway Center as a whole.  If you have an interest in volunteering, then please get in touch! [...]

Jun 17 2013

What’s The Deal With Panhandling? Part 3

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By: Jason Today's article is the final installment in a three part series on the issues surrounding panhandling in Atlanta. You can catch up on parts 1 and 2 here and here.  We are wrapping up a three part series on a very complicated issue.  Originally, the idea was to write one, normal length article [...]

Jun 12 2013

What’s The Deal With Panhandling: Part 2

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By: Jason Today’s article is the second installment of a three part series on the issues surrounding panhandling.  You can find Part 1 over here. Originally intended to be just one article, it has been expanded to three. The final section will publish on Monday, June 17th.  Over the past several years there have been [...]

Jun 5 2013

What’s the Deal with Panhandling? Part 1.

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By: Jason My first memories were probably not unlike yours.  I was a child riding in the passenger seat of my mother’s car when I saw an older man with a big beard hunched on the side of the road off the exit of the interstate on the south-side of Atlanta.  I didn’t understand, of course.  [...]