ImageRaphael Holloway,  MA, LPC –  Chief Executive Officer

Mr. €Raphael Holloway joined the €Gateway Center as the € Chief €Executive €Officer in €July €of €2016. € €Raphael is an accomplished leader with €more than €20 years of experience in the social services arena specializing in behavioral health, corrections, housing, child welfare €and public health sectors. In his professional career he has displayed a strong non-profit and state government business acumen and understands €œ”how to change when change is hard.” € €Raphael is a proven professional with expertise in motivating human resources and aligning multiple groups with divergent objectives and priorities towards a common goal. € €He utilizes €evidence based approaches, €theories, and strategies that are necessary to develop an organizational culture that is €successful, compassionate, innovative, and understanding of the benefits of collective impact. €Raphael has displayed a desire to utilize a human centered approach in service design; €maintain integrity and accountability in his business practices; and demonstrates €strong initiative and exceptional skills in leading a company €™s business.

A native of Toledo, OH, Raphael received his B.A. in Child and Family Services and M.A in Mental Health Counseling from Bowling Green State University.