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Non-Monetary Gift

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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provides a hygiene kit for a client


provides one day of meals & food for a client


provides a 7-Day unlimited MARTA pass


fills the tank of the small bus


fills the tank of the large bus


provides 18 clients intensive case management

We’re always in need of:

Why Give?

We know these fundraising campaigns can be exhausting and perhaps even seem a little arbitrary at times, but the reality is that we wouldn’t be here without them. In order to provide these essential resources for our clients, we rely entirely on outside support. Can you imagine the monthly water bill for a building with over 100 toilets? Without Gateway’s building and our staff who work tirelessly for our clients 24/7, there would be no Gateway Center. So if you can find it in your heart to skip that one Starbucks latte to help us keep our lights on, it would mean a lot to us!

Spread the Word

Share Gateway Center’s story with friends! If you believe in the work we do, we hope you will spread the word. We rely on our community and partners to get things done! And we’re constantly posting on social media … so your chance to help Gateway’s mission go viral is always just a click away.

Educate Yourself and Community

There are many resources out there to help educate one another and deepen our collective understanding of the issues involved in homelessness and poverty in America. It’s important to learn about these issues so that we can work to debunk the stereotypes surrounding homelessness that are so prevalent in our communities.

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