Congrats, Russell!

Many of your know Russell’s story  and have been touched by his life, whether you are a volunteer at Gateway, have heard him speak with the Speakers’ Bureau, or work with him as Gateway Staff.  We want to share an exciting new development is Russell’s life!  Russell was recently certified as a Peer Specialist, and we are proud to announce that Gateway has hired Russell to work with our PATH tem in doing outreach to clients with mental health issues and/or clients who struggle with substance abuse.  We are so proud to call Russell a part of the Gateway Center team!  Below is an excerpt from an email thast one of our partners, Back on My Feet, sent out to their members…you can see how lovely it is to work with Russell and how many lives he has touched through these words:

“Hi Everyone! We hope you are all having a wonderful week. It is always so amazing to see members moving forward.  You may have seen this post on Facebook, but I’d like to share again how proud we are of Russell Thurman, one of our Residential Members from Team Gateway. If you have ever run with Team Gateway or have ever been to an event with Russell present, you have likely been lucky enough to see his smiling face. Russell’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. Russell recently completed a two week training to become a Peer Specialist, which is a mentoring/counseling position for individuals with dual diagnoses (mental health and substance abuse). He has been hired as a Peer Specialist for the Gateway Center, and through this opportunity Russell will be able to serve and inspire so many other people. We are SO PROUD of this tremendous accomplishment!!”

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