Blind Right Now: How Poetry Changed This Man’s Life

By: Sophie Beal

Michael came to Gateway Center only 4 months ago after struggling with chronic homelessness and mental illness all his life. But at 43 years old, Michael came to Gateway Center and discovered a loving and supportive environment that changed everything. With the support of his case manager and close friends at Gateway, Michael has been in therapy, taking medication, and on a path to recovery. But that’s not all…

Throughout his therapy, Michael began to write about his experiences with homelessness and Bipolar Dissociative Disorder–and in so doing discovered an incredible gift. In this video Michael shares a poem with us written about his experience with mental illness. A deeply religious man, Michael came to understand his struggles with Dissociative Disorder as a struggle between God and the Devil. His emotional poem, “Blind Right Now” agitates us to a deeper understanding of mental illness, homelessness, and ourselves.

Thank you Michael for sharing! We are so grateful.

Michael really wanted to include his best friend, Will Oliver in his interview. He and Will (pictured below) have a special bond and have helped push one another to be their best selves while at Gateway. It goes to show that Gateway is a community. We change lives and end homelessness every day, but we can’t do it alone.

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