Chef and Culinary Executive Jason Alexander Helps Others Rise as a GWC Resident Intern

Jason Alexander was a successful baker, chef, and saucier and who also has 15 years of experience in corporate management in the food service industry. Jason’s homelessness began when he was involved in a fire; he lost everything and began to migrate from state-to-state to try to reestablish himself, but he had little success. Eventually, Jason came to Atlanta after his daughter learned about Gateway Center.

When Jason arrive, he had a serious medical diagnosis, so GWC entered him into the recuperative care program. He was also provided with the counseling and support he needs to address his alcoholism.

Within 60 days, Jason became healthy enough to transfer to the Resident Intern program where he has proven to be a leader among his peers. He is very well spoken, and he has shown great flexibility when dealing with others.

Jason is also involved with the Georgia Works! program through GWC. He hopes to return to management in a corporate office setting where he will he can return to productivity despite his new physical limitations.

At present, he is contemplating going back to school to reinvent himself. While he has experienced critical medical challenges, Jason has received a clean bill of health from his physicians. Jason is ready to hit the ground running!

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