Mr. Christopher Brooks

 Christopher Brooks is one of many clients who has recently found #AWayHomethrough Gateway Center. Having been homeless for four years, he arrived in Atlanta two years ago hoping to finally end his homelessness.

After receiving his assessment from our ClearPath @ Gateway Center team, Mr. Brooks was placed in Gateway Center’s Evolution Center (low-barrier shelter). In this program, Gateway Center staff provided him with not only a place to stay, but intensive case management services that included the development of an Individual Service Plan. His ISP provided him with a pathway back to school, housing options, financial planning and other supports that would aid him in his ability to regain his independence. Currently, Mr. Brooks is majoring in Elementary Mathematicsat Western Governors College where he takes online courses and expects to graduate in May, 2019. His personal goal is to teach fourth grade mathematics.

While he was homeless, Mr. Brooks said he bounced from shelters to bridges, and he expressed that having his own place often felt unrealistic. This month while signing his lease, he said he now feels extremely blessed, and he began to sing “The Storm is over now” by Kirk Franklin.

Mr. Brooks shared that he is grateful for the assistance the Evolution Center provided and he has plans to visit in the future and volunteer.


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