Mr. Marvin Ware is the Picture of Success with Gateway Center’s Upward Program

Mr. Marvin Ware was a member of the Gateway Center’s Upward Program for approximately 6 months. Mr. Ware was referred initially to Gateway Center’ s Veteran program. However, Mr. Ware requested to be a member of the Upper Program instead of the VA program to better ensure he addressed his need to maintain his sobriety.

At the time of his enrollment, Mr. Ware stated that he was led by the Spirit to travel from Iowa to Atlanta seeking to address his addiction . He said that once he arrived in this city, he found himself without a home and sleeping in his car for four nights. Once he found his way to Gateway Center, Mr. Ware was quickly attracted to the Matrix curriculum being used in the Upward Program, and he began actively participating in the groups and coaching/case management services.

Mr. Ware said, “the process was challenging,” but through it all he survived the program that he is committed to his recovery and maintaining his sobriety. He said he understood the importance of truly completing his first step and applying the spiritual principles. After he completed his first step, Mr. Ware begin the process of preparing himself to reenter the job market by working with Gateway Center’s Career Resource Center and being linked to the job readiness program at community partner Main Frame . Mr. Ware already possessed a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and had access to transportation, so securing a job was made easier once he stabilized his housing at Gateway Center.

We are very proud to share with you that Mr. Ware successfully graduated from the Upward Program in August and has obtained a driver position with a local trucking company . He reported that he once again he was led by the spirit to take advantage of an opportunity and has recently moved forward with a lease-purchase of a 2018 Freightliner Tractor and now has established his own trucking business .

Mr. Ware’s experienced at Gateway Center highlights two of our 5 Keys of Success (Housing and Employment) to end his current condition of homelessness.   You can now find Mr. Ware on the highway traveling the from the Atlanta to Midwest to the East Coast and back to Atlanta.

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