Greg Callihan, Maintenance Director

Greg Callihan – Facilities Director

Greg Callihan is a life-long Georgian who has been involved in facilities maintenance for almost 20 years. He began working part-time in the apartment industry doing light maintenance work while on his spring and summer breaks from college. This part-time work led to his first experience working with persons just coming out of homelessness at The Welcome House. Greg spent over five years working at Welcome House, and became the Service Manager there -leading a team of maintenance and housekeeping employees. His experience there –working with people who had just gotten housing after living on the streets- created a desire to work more directly with people who were still homeless.

Greg became the Maintenance Director of The ROCK, a homeless resource center in downtown Atlanta. He held this position until The ROCK merged into The Gateway Center in July 2005. Greg has been working at Gateway since before the doors opened for clients –he directed numerous teams in coordinating furniture donations and deliveries prior to Gateways grand opening. He has held the same position at Gateway while working for three companies –first through PCCI, then part of the Ohio Equities team, and finally as a Gateway employee starting in August 2009.

While in college, Greg was pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies with a specialization in missions. Although he is not a missionary in any standard sense of the word, Greg views his work as part of the mission field. He enjoys his role as behind-the-scenes support for the incredible staff at The Gateway Center.