Over 700 meals per day

Job readiness training opportunities for residents

Caroline’s Kitchen

Caroline’s Kitchen is Gateway Center’s food service program and addresses our Key to Success of Employment Readiness/Placement.  With its name inspired by our inaugural Board Chair’s spouse, Caroline’s Kitchen is designed to serve as one of Gateway Center’s solutions to homelessness, hunger, and creation of career paths for our residents. Recognizing that people in poverty often have experienced generational poverty, Caroline’s Kitchen provides an opportunity to learn the necessary life and culinary skills that can aid them in breaking this cycle.

Caroline’s Kitchen provides more than just meals for our residents.  Participation in this program provides our residents the tools, coaching and support they need to successfully re-enter the workforce.  This new career opportunity will increase our residents’ ability to become stably housed and overcome their homelessness. Caroline’s Kitchen supports the organization’s mission by providing services in 2 (two) core food service areas.

Meal Service

Caroline’s Kitchen provides over 700 meals per day to our Gateway Center Community.  This includes residents of Gateway Center’s main location and Evolution Center. With a focus on ensuring that delicious nutritional meals are offered, our Chefs develop menus supporting our residents’ dietary needs, reducing stress, helping address health concerns, and providing a sense of comfort knowing their basic need of having a reliable food source will be met during their stay at Gateway Center.

Our kitchen staff prepare meals while our residents provide “Caring Hours” and assist with packaging and serving meals for others in the facility.

Resident Training

Caroline’s Kitchen provides job readiness training opportunities for residents with an emphasis on knowledge of food preparation service and management of food service operations.

Caroline’s Kitchen offers residents a flexible curriculum to develop expertise in several areas related to the food service field. Training in our food service operations is designed to educate and train prospective commercial and non-commercial foodservice professionals in the basics of food service sanitation and safety, cost control, purchasing and kitchen management.

Participants of the food service program can pursue food prep positions at commercial food facilities, long-term care facilities, hospital food service departments, corporate food service, hotels and resorts, governmental food agencies, and school food service.   Residents that complete the culinary program will be certified by the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Management.  Our team works closely with local restaurants to create a training that meets their unique needs and provides a pipeline to employment for our program participants.