Give Atlanta

The Give Atlanta Challenge is a fundraising competition hosted by Atlanta magazine where charities engage in friendly competition to not only raise money to support their mission, but to engage with the Atlanta community and increase awareness regarding their cause. For more information, click here to see a news video.

Gateway Center’s cause is to make homeless rare, brief, and non-reoccurring. Our challenge commences on Tuesday, October 16th at 12:00pm ET and runs through Tuesday, November 16th at 1:59:59pm ET. Consider visiting Gateway Center’s Give Atlanta page today to learn more about the transformational work taking place at our center.

After you have reviewed Gateway Center’s story, consider making a donation to support our efforts. In addition, you can create your own teams to support our efforts utilizing Funraise. Funraise provides a fun and interactive method for non-profits to improve their fundraising efforts.

Our goal is to raise $8,000. The charity that raises the most during the Challenge wins a $17,000 donation from the campaign. 

  • Second place receives $6,000
  • Third place receives $4,000

All funds raised by Gateway Center will go directly to our agency.  So join the challenge today and help us in our fight against homeless!!!