Mar 6 2015

Gateway By The Numbers

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By: Sophie Beal Every year our staff here at GWC step back and take stock of where we are in our organization's mission to end homelessness in Atlanta. It's a chance to assess what we're doing well, celebrate our successes, and look forward to what we can improve upon in years to come. We're so [...]

Aug 5 2014

Simple Truths: Part 5

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By: Staci Wright This is the fifth installment of the blog series “Simple Truths: debunking common stereotypes surrounding those experiencing homelessness.” You can find the introduction to this series here.   Homeless people are lazy. Why don’t they just get a job? This question is one we often hear when discussing the issue of homelessness [...]

Oct 8 2013

Employee of the Month: Neese Blackshear

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Today's post comes to you as an interview from our  Database Manager, Neese Blackshear.  Neese does an amazing job and was recognized for this by her peers last month when they voted her as the Employee of the Month.  We're very proud of Neese and the great work that she does.    Jason: Where are you [...]

May 15 2013

Knowing Gateway Center

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By: Jason In the time that I've worked at Gateway I have happily tried to explain what our organization is to an endless stream of curious family and friends.  This works for me because I love to talk as authoritatively as I can on any subject that I’m allowed. One of the many things that I love [...]

Mar 25 2013

Big Idea: A Mobile App for Big Data

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By: Jason How can we leverage great data to benefit our community and help end homelessness?  Community Technology Alliance, in partnership with DataCenter and Downtown Streets Team, are working to develop a mobile app that will harness the power of data between agencies, governmental resources, and the clients who are in need of great services. [...]